Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beauty and Poison Ivy - Side by Side!

My iris bed was getting a bit too crowded,
so last year I moved most of the bulbs over to the side yard,
which just happens to be on the bank of a small wet weather creek bed.

The iris bulbs seemed to like it okay,
and put out quite a few beautiful blossoms along with their usual long green spikes.
However, they were more difficult to maintain than I anticipated,
and I was frustrated to see the three leaf clusters of poison ivy appearing along side the irises!

This reminded me of Jesus' story in Matthew 13:24-30 where He tells
about the farmer who had weeds that came up in his crop.
The farmer didn't pull the weeds up, because it might uproot the good plants.
He waited till harvest time to take care of the problem.

Well, I'm not sure whether to try poisoning the poison ivy after the iris blooms are finished,
or whether to just cut them down.
But I do know that I don't want a big dose of poison ivy rash breaking out all over me
so I think I'll just enjoy my irises from a distance for now!

My husband says,
"Leaves of three, let them be."
In other words, stay away from that three leafed poison ivy plant!

May you enjoy a poison ivy free summer,
and may you not be fooled by hidden dangers - poison ivy or otherwise!

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