Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kodak Moments with Kinfolk in Kansas!

July Trip to Dodge City, KS, and Kendall, KS

We had hardly started out on our westward journey
when we ran into a heavy thunderstorm.
We were so thankful for the rain,
and were hoping and praying it was also raining in our dry area.

When we arrived in Dodge City,
we did our own little walking tour on the brick streets...

...then headed further west to the community of Kendall, 
where the two Gary's helped with the cooking of hamburgers
for the Saturday night meal.

But the guy who got the most attention with his cooking was my cousin Dick. 
Because he was actually cooking horse steaks! 
 Apparently equine steaks are a delicacy in Europe, and so,
...with his urging, many of us tried his cuisine.
Although I could only choke down a few bites,
I had to admit it tasted very good!

Feed lots are very common in this area,
but local ranchers, including my cousin Dick,
are running short of grass for their animals
due to the drought -
...one more reason for horse steak...

I am adding this picture for
Jenny Matlock, ...and Mr. Jenny...,
who share our love of Jeeps!
Gary spotted this one in a little Kansas town 
as we were on our way home.

We arrived home in time for our little peach and apple harvest,
...made much easier with the use of Gary's bucket truck!
(Photo by Alex)

He actually let me "drive" the bucket!
I loved it!
(Photo by Gary)

Often I do something, then after I think about it,
I wonder if I should have done it.
This post was one of those things,
and I was afraid I might easily offend someone.
This morning as I was praying whether to remove the post or not,
I came across these words from Romans 14 in the Bible:
"One man's faith allows him to eat everything,
but another man, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. 
The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not,
and the man who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does,
for God has accepted him."
...So, I guess I'll keep the post...

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...And thanks for coming along on the little Kansas trip with us!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Joyful Celebration...

This past Sunday we attended a joyful celebration...

It was the 88th birthday of Eldon King --- 
an Ozark country preacher who has been preaching...



...often accompanied by his musician friend Jerry Stroebel... 

in country churches all over these Ozark mountains
for many MANY years!

Thank you, Eldon, for your faithfulness and your influence on all our lives!
We pray for God's continued blessing on your life and ministry!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Importance of Stress Relief!

I was feeling a bit stressed this past week. 
For me, there's nothing like a day trip to the beautiful Buffalo National River
to put things back in perspective, help lighten my load of cares,
 and reduce my stress level!

Want to come along with me for a short tour?
To get a better look at any of the pictures,
just click on them to enlarge!

After crossing the River at Woolum,
we headed toward Richland.
 My husband says that as a boy he picked cotton there.

The cotton fields were located behind these vines
between Richland Creek and the Buffalo River.
(The field is the pale green color in the background,
and is now part of the Buffalo River National Park.)

Here we are at the bluffs by the lower base of  "The Narrows", ...or as the old-timers called it - "The Narrs".  (My husband always has his ice chest prepared with bottled water for such an occasion as this!)

We didn't go far before realizing different shoes were needed for making this climb!  My granddaughter borrowed a pair of her Papa's tennis shoes, and I decided it was in my best interests to stay below since I didn't bring mine.
This narrow ledge of rock gave the place its name of "The Narrows".
They didn't try to walk across the narrow rocky ledge, 
because they could have fallen several hundred feet if they would have slipped!
(Photo by Gary)

This is one of the views they had looking towards the river from the top.
(Photo by Gary) 

The sounds of their voices had indicated to me that they were safe,
but I was relieved to see them coming back down!
(Photo by Gary)

We headed back to the "River crossing" at Woolum,
 hurried to the farm to quickly change clothes, 
and barely made it on time for "Saturday Night Church".

It's so IMPORTANT to have a little stress relief from time to time!
It's amazing how God can use a little time in nature
and a visit to a very small country church
to refresh and renew my spirits!

Thank you, LORD!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Hummers" and "Dangerous Surrender"

I love to watch the hummingbirds at my bird feeders.

They are so aggressive in protecting "their" feeder,
wanting to keep all the nectar to themselves.

This little Ruby Throated Hummingbird found his favorite perch
 to use in keeping a look-out on the feeder he claimed as his own.

These hummingbirds make me think of a book I am reading
 called "Dangerous Surrender" by Kay Warren.
In this book she speaks of being just a
"white suburban mom with a minivan",
who was busy raising her family and serving in her church.
She states that she was totally unaware of the AIDS crisis
until one day when she read this phrase in a magazine:
"Twelve million children orphaned due to AIDS in Africa."

What does that have to do with hummingbirds at their feeders?
I think too often I'm like that little hummingbird
who tries to hoard all the sweet nectar for himself.
Reading this book makes me wonder what else I should be doing...

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Worms & Butterflies

The other day when down on the farm I came across this worm nest...

There were several stages of worms IN it...

...and some on their way OUT of it!

These crawly creatures are a bit disgusting to me,
whether they are called caterpillars or worms!

I'm not sure what this moth looked like when it was a caterpillar!

This past winter, was it possibly hybernating in a cocoon like this?!!

It's hard to imagine that these beautiful butterflies were once caterpillars!

And it's even harder for me to believe that their beautiful wings
were actually fashioned by God with Him possibly using
their own body excrements as building materials! 
(To learn more about butterflies, click on this link.)

However, God says in His Holy Word,
He gives "Beauty for ashes",
"Joy for mourning",
and "Praise" instead of despair!
Isaiah 61:3

He also says that
"With God all things are possible!"
Mark 10:27

So, I guess He can make those butterfly wings out of anything He wants to!

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