Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lady Dignity

The tall teepees are well known in South Dakota
for marking "Rest Stops" along major highways,
and a very welcome sight they are when a "potty break" is needed!

But last month as we were driving across South Dakota on I90 highway,
we saw a new statue beside one of the familiar teepees.

At 50 feet tall, she was hard to miss
surrounded by her intricately made star quilt!

Having a Lakota Sioux in our family,
I had seen many beautiful star quilts.
The "Morning Star" is an important and sacred symbol
to the Sioux, and is equated with honor and dignity.
To the Lakota, the star quilt is considered an essential gift to newly weds.

The statue overlooks the beautiful little town of Chamberlain.
The Chamberlain area is always such a welcome sight
as you drive across the barren South Dakota prairies from east to west.

The outstretched arms of "Lady Dignity" seem to
invite you to come and learn what she can teach you.
You can learn more about her by clicking HERE.

There was another person in history who had outstretched arms...
His arms are still reaching out to all who will receive Him.
His name is Jesus Christ, and one of His names is
The Morning Star!  (Revelation 22:16)
I haven't yet featured that name on my other blog Rock4Today,
which features the Names of God on Rocks.
I guess I'll have to do that one soon!