Saturday, August 23, 2014

Miracles Still Happen!

Last week when we got a call that my nephew Joel was not doing well
and had been placed in Hospice Home Care,
we hurriedly got on line to change our airline tickets to Fresno to an earlier date.

A miraculous change in Joel's health occurred while we were there!
Click on the link below to hear it from Joel!

But that wasn't the only miracle!
Leaving Fresno turned out to be a bit of a problem,
because all planes were grounded both in and out of Phoenix
due to storms.
Further delays occurred when we reached Phoenix due to a flat tire on the airplane.
By this time, we were beginning to get a bit anxious about making our third connection
from Dallas to Springfield, MO.
...And sure enough...  Not only did we miss our flight,
there were no flights available until 5:30 pm the next day,
Although it was nearing midnight,
my daughter and my husband were adamant about the need to return home
that night because of business necessities the next day.
As I sat in a wheelchair in the terminal with luggage piled high on top of my lap,
I silently reminded myself of the faithfulness of God in past circumstances,
and asked Him to please help us in this dilemma. 
I boldly asked Him not only for an angel to help us,
but for a roomy, comfortable SUV type vehicle that we could drive home that night! 

How do you like this for an answer?!!!
Jehovah Jireh - My Provider

A National Car Rental agent had mercy on us,
and stated since we were going north,
we could take this car.

This is the sign that was written on the window.
(The tree and sky are reflections on the glass.)

I had to smile when I looked at the license plate...
Yes, it was from up North alright!
...The country of my birth!

Yes, once again God had shown us that
"Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save,
nor is His ear too dull to hear."
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