Wednesday, April 6, 2016

John 3:16... More than a Bible Verse!

It's a Ministry!

My granddaughter thought she was only going to a Fish Fry!

She was in for quite a surprise!
Although we were not late,
the place was already filled.
We were lucky to find a seat!

The "servers" made an impressive sight
in their red shirts as they stood on the sidelines.

Chairs turned toward the podium
as excitement about the entertainment mounted.

The reason for the Fish Fry became clear,
as the Hopper duo took the stage.
They have been instrumental in making our area
aware of this ministry to help
men overcome addictions.

There was lots of good entertainment...
among them my favorites -
The Bill Pittman trio,
featuring Bill and Perri Pittman,
and my pastor's wife, Annette Lipsky Bailey.

Applause broke out as the funding goals were reached!

The "Moms On A Mission"group
had a big part in helping reach that goal!
There's nothing like the passionionate speech
of a mother of a recovering addict to reach into
your heart and pocketbook!
...Especially when the evidence
of this ministry is changed lives!

The evening ended in prayer and praise to God!

My granddaughter was impressed!
So was I!

To learn more about the John 3:16 Ministries,
click on the highlighted link to take you to their website.

Here's the popular Bible verse
as featured on the sweat shirt that I'm wearing today!
(You may have to click on the photo to enlarge
for easier reading!)

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