Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy New Year!

We may not have had a white Christmas,
but the frost was so heavy this morning
it looked like a light coating of snow!
The sun reflecting on the frosty ground looked like
millions of glittering diamonds.
(If you click on the picture,
it should enlarge so you can see the sparkles.)

A few of the leaves that remained were edged in frost particles.
With the temperature dipping down to 19* F last night,
these leaves will probably not last long!

Each blade of grass was thick with the coating of frost.

The book of Job, chapter 37:10 says,
"By the breath of God frost is given..."

Well, that kind of dispels the Jack Frost myth,
doesn't it?!!!

I can just imagine God blowing out His breath,
and the ice crystals forming.

Hmmmm,  it sounds to me that whoever created "Jack Frost"
had an understanding of how frost was created!
What do you think?

(Written on Christmas Eve)

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas!

A few Christmas scenes from our house:

The wreath on our front door
The nativity scene on our front porch
The Christmas carolers by our front door

We are looking forward to having family together to celebrate at our house on Christmas Eve



If you've never been to Branson at Christmas, enjoy a few scenes from
"An Ozark Mountain Christmas"
with the singing done by my friend, Mark Christian.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wierd, Wacky, and Wonderful Instruments!

On today's Joy4Today, I want to feature the unusual musical instruments
that are the invention of my brother-in-law, Lorne Collie. 
 He takes anything, ...and I do mean ANYTHING,
...and can turn it into a musical instrument!  
Here are a few examples:

Here he is with one of his cookie tin creations.
I think this is a moose antler.  Quite unique, eh?!!

This is his ax/pick creation.
The violin duet:
 Helen's instrument made out of an ice scraper 
and Lorne's made from a "peace pipe"

This duo has been making music in spite of some trying circumstances.
In 1985, my sister Helen was diagnosed with breast cancer,
and underwent a radical mastectomy.
She said 1986 was her toughest year in that battle.
She told me that one of the things that she credits her success
in this battle, along with her faith in God, was maintaining a positive attitude,
and surrounding herself with cheerful, encouraging people.

The stop sign guitar!

The snow show instrument.

And one of Lorne's favorites, the snow shovel electric guitar.

Lorne has his own story of healing as well.
In 1988 he suffered a brain aneurysm and was in a coma
for an extended period of time.
It was after he recovered that he began making all these unusual instruments.
I asked him if God appeared to him and gave him these ideas
while he was unconscious.
His reply made me laugh.
"No," he said, "I just had a lot of time to think. 
My brain never stopped working even though I couldn't respond outwardly."

Lorne's work room

HOPE, that's what it's all about.

I hope this encourages you not to give up if you are going through tough times.
The Bible says that "with God all things are possible."

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Feeding the Hungry

This morning I had the wonderful privilege of watching the joy on the faces of the realtors of North Arkansas as they helped load up the food they had purchased for 10 area food banks.  Please allow me to share that joy with you!

When we arrived, the fork lift driver was already hard at work unloading the big truck.
Gary found the person in charge to find out where we were to be in the pick up line.
All the cartons were unloaded before any food bank representatives picked up their share.

Then the realtors jumped in and began loading trucks, vans, and trailers with the food that they had graciously provided.  Representatives from area banks also helped with the loading.

At least ten area food banks were given donations, plus area shelters and the Salvation Army!

Then came our turn to receive a donation for the food bank alliance we represented.

We took the delivery to a church that graciously shares its space for an area food distribution center.

This is inside one of the food rooms.  This volunteer is showing me the empty shelves after supplying 96 families with food the day before.

My husband Gary wheeling in the food we picked up which the realtors had purchased.  We are blessed to have a great bunch of realtors who stock the food bank shelves every Christmas Season!

Just a sampling of the foods...

And of course, peanut butter and ramen noodles!

Thank you to the realtors for donating their time as well as food at this Christmas Season.Thank you to this church which so graciously provides space for a food room.  And thank you to the many volunteers from the area churches that work together in this food alliance to feed the hungry in our area. It was our joy to be able to have a tiny part in delivery!  

This reminds me of the words of Jesus from Matthew 25 where Jesus says, 
"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

From the words of some wonderful 6th graders as quoted in a former post,