Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Not About Me" - Putting Love into Action!

This morning I'm glad I didn't give in to the temptation
to crawl back into my warm comfortable bed.
One of my husband's employees says,
"Don't let yourself fall in love with your bed!" 

That sounds like it came straight out of the book of Proverbs,
doesn't it?!!!

Why am I so glad I made myself stay up?
Well, for one thing, I wouldn't have been able to have
 any alone-time with God if I had crawled back in bed.

And I probably wouldn't have seen that verse
at the top of the page.
It was on the calender, and caught my attention
when I flipped the page over to the new month.

As I saw it, I asked God how He wanted me
to put love into action today.
I didn't have to wait long -
A call from Gary,
A granddaughter out of school with an injury,
A grandmother needed!

How have you put love into action today?

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Tracy said...

Hi Esther Joy - I tried to crawl back into my bed this morning but the day just kept demanding my attention. Ah well, got much done. But it is awesome when you choose not to snooze and God shows you something amazing.
God bless and thank you for linking with me for Wednesday. I truly appreciate it.

Heart n Soul said...

A very good proverb indeed .. love your pic and verse :)