Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Importance of Stress Relief!

I was feeling a bit stressed this past week. 
For me, there's nothing like a day trip to the beautiful Buffalo National River
to put things back in perspective, help lighten my load of cares,
 and reduce my stress level!

Want to come along with me for a short tour?
To get a better look at any of the pictures,
just click on them to enlarge!

After crossing the River at Woolum,
we headed toward Richland.
 My husband says that as a boy he picked cotton there.

The cotton fields were located behind these vines
between Richland Creek and the Buffalo River.
(The field is the pale green color in the background,
and is now part of the Buffalo River National Park.)

Here we are at the bluffs by the lower base of  "The Narrows", ...or as the old-timers called it - "The Narrs".  (My husband always has his ice chest prepared with bottled water for such an occasion as this!)

We didn't go far before realizing different shoes were needed for making this climb!  My granddaughter borrowed a pair of her Papa's tennis shoes, and I decided it was in my best interests to stay below since I didn't bring mine.
This narrow ledge of rock gave the place its name of "The Narrows".
They didn't try to walk across the narrow rocky ledge, 
because they could have fallen several hundred feet if they would have slipped!
(Photo by Gary)

This is one of the views they had looking towards the river from the top.
(Photo by Gary) 

The sounds of their voices had indicated to me that they were safe,
but I was relieved to see them coming back down!
(Photo by Gary)

We headed back to the "River crossing" at Woolum,
 hurried to the farm to quickly change clothes, 
and barely made it on time for "Saturday Night Church".

It's so IMPORTANT to have a little stress relief from time to time!
It's amazing how God can use a little time in nature
and a visit to a very small country church
to refresh and renew my spirits!

Thank you, LORD!

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edenhills said...

I can see why this is a place you go to relax. It certainly is beautiful. I too love going to nature to get rid of stress.

Debra said...

What a wonderful place...I enjoyed the tour very much :)

Jackie/Jake said...

Ah stress relief! I could use some of that today!!

lissa said...

looks like a great place to just take a walk and forget your problems.

thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great day.

Judie said...

The Narrows is a very common description. I have heard it frequently in places along the Appalachian Trail. Your photos are great! Very relaxing!!

Mumsy said...

That's a beautiful view, and I would love to have a drive or a walk around too.

anitamombanita said...

Looks like a lovely place...and to be in any beautiful place with family is wonderful!

Jedidja said...

What a beautiful place. It looks like the Ardennes in Belgium. What a great place to relax.

NC Sue said...

Thank you for visiting Wordless Wednesday at I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your photo this week! I hope to see you again soon.
Have a great week,

Jenny said...

This was a fun visit!

I am vastly in need of stress reduction so I really appreciated this lovely post!

Your family is lovely!

Thanks for linking up and letting me tag along!