Monday, October 8, 2012

Unexpected Blessings...

One of my most recent "Unexpected Blessings"
was a trip to meet my two younger sisters
at the beach in South Carolina.
A last minute reservation was made by my younger sis,
with my husband and my youngest daughter making sure I got there!

The night we arrived, I met them on the beach.  We soaked in the beauty of being together and watched the moon beams glisten on the tidal waves. 

One of the highlights of the South Carolina trip was our self-guided tour of Hilton Head Island.

The lighthouse was one of my favorite spots on our tour.
We enjoyed seeing many beautiful villas surrounded by palm trees, live oaks entrenched with Spanish moss,

...and beautiful flower gardens with interesting statues.
We were nearing the completion of our tour when my youngest sis noticed that she didn't have her car keys, and had accidentally locked them in the trunk of the car!      Thank God for AAA Auto Service who quickly came to our rescue!

Besides sampling food from many interesting eateries, I couldn't help but notice the number of bicycles.  They were the old-fashioned type that use the pedal for a brake.  They were everywhere! I was glad to see them, and think that might be a good thing to put on my Christmas wish list!

All too soon it was time to say goodbye.

I am so glad that we can count on an EXPECTED BLESSING in the future,
and won't have to say goodbye anymore.
Jesus said in John 6:47 that if we believe in Him
we will have everlasting life,
and in Revelation 21:4, He promises to
"wipe every tear from our eyes."
That will be a blessing to trump any UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS until then!

To see my granddaughter's Name for God on Rocks for this week, click HERE!


Pamela said...

The tree is amazing. And the boy reading, too. I'm happy you had a surprise. Nothing like being a sister, is there?

lorrainefort said...

What a great blessing, unexpected or not, to know you are loved and that these lifelong companions want to spend time with you. :) You are truly blessed to day and will be again in paradise!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

How fun! I'm going to see my sisters in January and I can't wait!

jen said...

I also used the word unexpected as my U word.

Sisters, as age, do become one of those unexpected blessings, don't they? Mine were quite annoying until we became adults. Pests, now friends. Who would have thought? Oh, yeah. God. I forgot.

edenhills said...

What a wonderful trip! It's always nice to be able to spend time with family.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Wow! That tree is fabulous! And fabulous that you were able to spend time with your sisters!

anitamombanita said...

How fun to have sisters to hang out with!!

Jenny said...

Oh, bless you.

And your sisters.

This made me teary. I'm glad you are surrounded by the love of family.

This was an unexpectedly heart touching post!

Thank you.