Monday, August 19, 2013

Norfork Lake

After several hectic days,
my husband suggested a little quiet boat ride on Norfork Lake
to bring a little peace into our souls.

He had just had the motor on the boat worked on,
and was anxious to see how it would run.

He opened it up,
and it purred like a kitten,
slicing through the calm blue-green waters
and making a beautiful wake.

There weren't a lot of people on the lake,
...maybe because it was the last weekend before schools reopened.

Our presence startled a grey heron into flight.

It gracefully flew just above the water
and found a perch in a tree.

All too soon we headed back to the boat dock,

...tied up the boat and headed back to shore,

...and thanked God for the abundant rainfall
that had replenished our lakes and rivers after the drought.

As we were leaving the lake area,
two fawns stood so still watching us
that it looked like they were just posing for a picture!

This past winter I did a post showing how low our lake levels were.
If you missed it and would like to see the difference the rain has made, click HERE!
Thank you to all of you who prayed for rain!

Thank you to Stewart for allowing me to link
with birders across the globe!
To see a gallery of bird photos, click on his name.

as always,
to see my latest Rock4Today post,
featuring the Names of God on Rocks,
click HERE!


pattisjarrett said...

It looks like Mama wasn't far away, either. Looks like a beautiful day.

Stewart M said...

I think I need a boat like this!

Its surprising how much more you see when you are on the water looking back at the land.

I think Liz 2 has been to Alice - but it was a long time ago!

Glad you liked the wordy post - you should visit!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

Pamela said...

Nothing relaxes me faster than a couple hours on a boat. Hmmm...wish I had a ride today! Loved seeing your pictures.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Oh my, I need a few hours on a lake...

Sue said...

I'm glad the rains came...and that you had these moments of serenity on the lake.


Karen S. said...

Nice, naturally it's nature! said...

Love the fawns and terrific photos of your boat interlude ~ thanks, carol, xo

Neil said...

Nice series.

lissa said...

though I'm not much into boat rides, the the place looks relaxing.

hope you have a sweet day.

eileeninmd said...

A nice day on the boat, love the scenery and the heron in flight. Great photos.

thewovenspoke said...

It looks like you had a fine day on t he lake!

edenhills said...

It looks like a beautiful lake. I'm so glad you've gotten the rain you need. Ironically, we had lots of rain/flooding in the spring to end our drought, but we're back to drought conditions. Love those little deer!

My name is Riet said...

What a lovely N post and I love your photo's. It is so great to be on the water.

Tracy Cook said...

How lovely that you got to spend time relaxing .

I see you have a good following how can I get my blog to be better and have zillions of readers ?

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

this looks like such a wonderful time!

Hilde said...

Such a beautiful scenery! Taking a boatride is always a nice way to see birds :) I love the photo of the heron in flight!

Thanks for your visit and comment.
Hilde :)

fredamans said...

Lovely shots. Looks like a serene place to be.

Digi-Irma said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful place to stay.
Nature is beautiful.
Greetings Irma

Lola said...

Such *N*ice captures & post!

Brona Joy said...

Nice photos - very natural nature shots!
I need some chill out time too this week - your post has helped me to at least imagine I'm having a break :-)

Rajesh said...

Great shots. This surely is a wonderfully exciting boat ride.

Sharon Wagner said...

It is fun to link up with birders from around the globe. So many new birds. It looked like a heavenly day on the water. Nice.

Rose said...

Just beautiful! What a relaxing way to spend a day. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Joy said...

So nice to see your place. Beautiful animals around too:)
Peaceful place:)

Jenny said...

What a wonderful day on the lake...

It is really neat to be so near to nature!

It isn't normal to find two fawns posing for a picture like that... I'm glad you were there with camera in hand!

Nice post for the letter "N".

Thanks for linking.


Monica said...

What a beautiful day for a trip to the lake!!

And what a difference from the earlier post with the lower water levels!