Friday, May 30, 2014

A Visit with the Eaglets

The Fear of Letting Go

A friend had told me if I wanted to see the eaglets before they flew from the nest,
that I better go on out and take a look.
So, this evening I gave a friend a call,
and asked if she would like to go eagle watching with me.
It's always fun to share the experience!

We found one eaglet sitting on the edge of the nest,
but no parents in sight.

The trees were in full foliage,
so there weren't many vantage points to view the nest.

Before long the eaglet on the edge of the nest began stretching his wings.

His sibling seemed to be watching.
We wondered if they took turns stretching their wings,
or if one was more developed than the other.

The brave one acted like he was going to fly off the nest.

You can see that he would even raise off the nest a short distance...

...but fear, or self restraint kept him from letting go,
and his talons would tightly grasp the limb.

The eaglet's fear of letting go reminded me of a poem that I wrote some time ago.
I wrote it after hearing a talk from a young man 
who had been a part of our church youth group.
 He spoke passionately about Jesus being able to meet all our needs,
and entitled his talk
"Am I Enough?"
His talk deeply touched me, and I went home and wrote this poem.
"Am I enough?" Jesus asks me,
looking gently in my eyes.
"Am I enough? Come take my hand;
Come fly the friendly skies!"
Trust in Me;
Am I not enough?
Trust in Me,
Although the way seems rough.
Trust in Me;
I'll never leave your side.
Trust in Me, My child,
I'll always be enough.
There may be storms around me,
Thunder roaring in my ears,
Yet He is always with me,
He'll save me from my fears!
Trust in Me;
Am I not enough?
Trust in Me,
Although the way seems rough.
Trust in Me;
I'll never leave your side.
Trust in Me, My child,
I'll always be enough.
Although we didn't see the parent eagles at the nesting sight today,
 I'm sure they were near.
With a cry from one of their babies,
they would have come rushing to the aid of the eaglet.
This reminds me of the story of Peter,
who boldly jumped out of the boat and began walking on the water toward Jesus.
I don't know how far Peter sank in the water,
but Jesus was right there to lift him up,
"stretched out His hand and caught him".
(If you're unfamiliar with that story, you can read it HERE).
Like Peter, and also like David in Psalm 40,
God continues to be there for me and for you,
and lifts us out of some of the terrible "pits" we fall into.
"He also brought me up out of a horrible pit,
Out of the miry clay,
And set my feet upon a ROCK..."
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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I enjoyed seeing the Eaglets and their practise flights or at least attempts,but what meant even more is that wonderful poem.I must say,yes,God is enough,to meet all my needs.

Jo Wolf said...

Visiting the eaglets with you was one of my best experiences since moving to Mountain Home! Even though still a youngster, the eaglet on the nest edge, stretching and flapping wings, seemed majestic and powerful. Think you are right Esther.....that baby is getting ready to take flight! So happy to see them before the take-off :-)))