Thursday, November 13, 2014

Local National Honor Society Induction

Recently I had the privilege to witness the induction
of the local Fall 2014 candidates into the National Honor Society.

We were welcomed by the chapter president...

...And introduced to each of the officers.
After lighting a candle,
each officer spoke of one of the tenets of the Honor Society:
Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.

The auditorium was quiet as each inductee stood in line
waiting for their turn to sign.

After the last signature...

...The candles were lit...

...And together they recited this pledge:
"I pledge to uphold the high purposes of the
National Honor Society
to which I have been selected.
I will be true to the principles for which it stands.
I will be loyal to my school
and will maintain and encourage high standards of
scholarship, leadership, service and character."

Congratulations to the inductees!

King Solomon had something to say about HONOR.
"Get wisdom! Get understanding!
    Do not forget or turn aside from the words of my mouth!

Do not abandon her, and she will protect you.

    Love her, and she will watch over you.

Wisdom is of utmost importance, therefore get wisdom,

    and with all your effort work to acquire understanding.
 Prize her and she will exalt you.
    Indeed, if you embrace her, she will honor you."

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Alice said...

good overview for those of us who couldn't be there. Thanks for the pictures!