Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Former Things... Curiosity ... And Finding God

Often as my husband and I would drive past this house
on our way to the farm, I would wonder what it was like inside...

...Who were the former residents?...

...Did they spend much time on this porch swing?

On closer inspection, it looked like it had lost a lot of its former glory...

...Especially when I walked around back to snap a few shots.
But at least some of my curiosity was satisfied
just by getting a closer look at it.

This old barn has
also caught my attention many times,
and when I look at it, I wonder what happened to the roof...
Did a thunderstorm or tornado blow it away?
Or did the owner plan to re-roof it?

...And what did this old building used to be?
For some reason it captures my attention every time we drive by.

Another eye-catcher is this long wooden fence
with many birdhouses built all along it.
How many of those birdhouses are inhabited?
Do the same birds come back every year?

I think I used to drive my Mom a little crazy with my unending curiosity.
When she was my Sunday School teacher,
I'm sure that she sometimes got frustrated with all of my questions.

What does God think about curiosity?
I think He likes it!
He made us with an emptiness that only He can fill,
and then He tells us that we can find Him
if we search for Him with all our heart.

"Those who seek Me diligently will find Me"

If you don't know Him yet,
keep looking!
A good place to start is in His Word, the Holy Bible!

Simon Peter found God,
and expressed many new names for His Savior.
To see some of these, click on Names of God on Rocks
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Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Esther. Curiosity killed the cat and unfortunately all these buildings are now dead however our Lord Jeses also died but He still lives. Thank you fro a lovely post. Happy new year to you.

Joy said...

Lovely! Yes! I love to dig in God's treasure:)
Happy New Year !