Monday, January 25, 2016

"Sweet Tea"

Today I made my husband a cup of tea.
I thought it might make him feel better.
He agreed to give it a try...
I don't think it has the same effect on him as it does on me...
...or on my good friend who wrote this sweet poem:


As a fair-haired, toddling child small,
With whimpering voice to Mama I'd call,
And she would place me on apron'd knee,
And share with me her warm sweet tea.

And oft through those childhood years came times,
That chills would grab, and fevers climb.
She'd put me to bed as quick as could be,
And Mama would bring me warm sweet tea.

And there were times that I'd pretend,
So that the day with her I'd spend.
I'd moan, "Oh I'm as sick as I can be",
Though not convinced, she'd fetch the tea.

When I was grown with babes on the way,
enduring nausea every day,
She'd ring me up, concerned you see,
and advising, "drink warm sweet tea".

And, I recall when my head would ache,
Mama would say, "you need a break",
And she'd say with parental authority,
"Go fix yourself a cup of tea".

Just think how lovely would be this world,
If all the leaders under flags unfurled,
Would extend their hand to their enemy,
And offer up some warm sweet tea.

Today up in Heaven, I know,
Where streets do shine and mansions glow,
There's a dear sweet saint who's waiting for me,
And in her hand is a cup of tea.

(Printed with permission of the author.)

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Ruth Hiebert said...

That poem is so sweet.Each Mother likely had her own way of solving our problems.For my Mom it was homemade,rich Butter Soup. When I don't feel well,that is still what I crave.

Esther Joy said...

I don't think I've ever heard of Butter soup, but my daughter has a recipe for Cheesy Potato soup that has become a soup I have often made to take to sick friends. We've nicknamed it "Jesus Soup"!