Monday, February 8, 2016

My Friend who is "Counting Cardinals"!

Do you count the number of birds that visit your feeders?

If so, do you focus on one special bird?

...Or do you count all different kinds of species?

Almost a year ago, I did a blogpost about my friend Terri Sigafus,
featuring her new children's book entitled

Terri has just released a new book...
It's called
What is the significance of the CARDINAL to Terri?

Terri states in a recent blog post that she feels they are
(Click on the link above to take you to her blog.)

In her words, Terri says "Counting Cardinals" is
"a memoir written in free verse poetry,
depicting the events that transpired in
that stillest of all summers--
the summer my mother passed away..."

This past week she sent me a copy of her newly released book,
The "free verse poetry" made for an easy style to read,
and I couldn't put it down!
I invite you to order your own copy from her website at
In her book, you will journey with Terri
 as she shares her reunion with her estranged sisters,
and you will find out how a cardinal was used by God
to help her learn to live and laugh again 
after the heartbreaking loss of her mother!

Thank you, Terri!
I think I'll never look at cardinals in the same way again!
...I counted 9 male cardinals at my feeder!

(By the way, Terri is also on Facebook.
Find her by clicking HERE.)


Ruth Hiebert said...

I would be overjoyed to see one Cardinal at my feeders.

Esther Joy said...

We are usually quite blessed with an abundance of cardinals here in Northern Arkansas! :-)