Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pig Roast Tradition

We had just had a big rain,
and "Flash Flood" warnings had been issued.
My husband and I were going down to the river
to see if it had risen very much
when I saw this sign:

We stopped by the little community church,
and found the Chris Wyatt family hard at work!

The storm had knocked out electricity at their home,
but it didn't keep them from coming down to the church
to prepare the annual feast which they do for the rural community
the third weekend of every September.

As soon as Cindy had the food prepared and packaged in foil,
their son carried it down to be put in the barbecue smoker
where it would cook for a few hours.

...And in it went!
Despite the protective gloves,
with each "offering" placed in the fire,
I think a little hair was singed off Chris's arms!

While the cooking process was under way,
my husband and I made our way on down
the beautiful tree-lined drive to the river.

The Buffalo River was definitely up at Woolum,
and some campfire sites were under water. 

Returning to the pig roast,
we asked if there was anything we could do to help.

"More ICE for the drinks," was the answer.

Stories were swapped
while waiting for the food to be done.

We hadn't been back long
when people started arriving,
bringing their food contributions and lawn chairs.

Logger Gary Dean,
 a "pillar" in the little community church,
 not only helped with the barbecuing,
but also brought some of his wife's cooking.

The church yard quickly began to fill,
with everyone finding a spot to sit...

...Entertainment was provided by a local group
from a neighboring county.
Did you think you were seeing turkey
 instead of pork in some of those photos?
Well, you did!
 Both were served.
Cindy said there were quite a few people
who preferred turkey, so they started fixing both.

Chris said that in previous years they had done
the whole pig on a "spit",
but due to so much waste and increased cost
they had improvised their method of cooking.

And then the food was ready for all to enjoy!
...Two long tables full of it!

"...Through LOVE, SERVE one another"
What a contribution this tradition of service is to this small Ozark community!
Many thanks to the Wyatts for starting and carrying on this custom!

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NC Sue said...

Nothin' like a good old-fashioned pig pickin'!
Thanks for linking up at

Ruth Hiebert said...

That sounds like fun and good food together with good fellowship.A perfect combination.

Esther Joy said...

I loved your "Man in the Moon" photos!

Esther Joy said...

It also brings people in that otherwise might not feel at home in church.