Friday, May 6, 2011

The Wilderness

This past week my husband and I decided to go for a short adventure hike.  For months we had been looking over a book which listed waterfalls within our area. We had high expectations of finding a spot that had four waterfalls.  What we didn't count on was the difficulty we would encounter in trying to follow the directions to get there.  Could the landscape have changed since the author wrote the book?  Or were we just that bad at following directions?

  We never found the waterfalls. At one point, we thought we heard the rush of water, but when no waterfalls were found, we decided it must have been just the noise of the wind in the trees.  After three attempts of following what might have been faint trails, we gave up.  Instead of finding waterfalls, we felt like we only found jungle!

We turned around, this time having to climb up hill while fighting vines, and straddling over fallen logs.  With relief, we finally saw our Jeep.  Instead of completely giving up, we took a small road marked "Wilderness Trail," ...this time going by vehicle instead of on foot.   After about 8 miles of rough dirt road with little change in scenery, we decided the road was going nowhere.  With a few tries, my husband managed to turn the Jeep around on that narrow one lane road, and we viewed the same repetitive scenery on the way back. 

We became a little frustrated with the outcome of our little trip, and began to see why the trail was marked "Wilderness Trail."  I thought of the Israelites wandering in their wilderness for 40 years.  We got frustrated after a couple of hours of feeling like we were going nowhere, ...and we think they were bad for grumbling! 

After "wandering in the wilderness," we did a "mountain top experience."   We didn't see "the promised land,"  but we viewed the swollen river from the recent deluge of rainfall. 

A little bit of Gatorade to our tired bodies, and we were set to go back home. 
We are so blessed.  We didn't even have to wait for "water from a rock" - just opened a bottle of Gatorade and quenched our thirst.  God is so good!


sarah said...

good analogy...hope you have a wonderful mother's day...

Shirley said...

Good post and a great comparison. The scenery is wonderful and it looks like you and Gary had a wonderful time even though you didn't see the waterfall, there was so much more to see and be thankful for.

Charlotte said...

I would say you are very adventuresome people. I agree with Shirley. The scenery is beautiful. If I had been wandering around there I would be afraid I'd be lost forever. I get "turned around" easily. I can even get lost at the mall. lol
Thanks for sharing.

Pamela said...

I'm tired just reading about your hike. Ha! Everything is so green in your pictures and I'm sure it was wonderful just enjoying God's creation. I'm afraid I would have grumbled while wandering in the wilderness.

Have a joyful Sabbath,

no spring chicken said...

Such a cute post. I loved seeing the photos of your 'wilderness experience' and chuckled at your wit!

Blessings, Debbie

Joan said...

Hi Esther:

I'm visiting from Spiritual Sundays. I loved this post - great analogy.

I can see we have a lot in common in that we enjoy outdoor adventures.


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I'm sure your hike was beautiful even though you didn't see water fall.The Gatorade must of been so refreshing.
God Bless,

☆☆Mumsy said...

What a great adventure it sounded like. I'm glad you both enjoyed it.