Monday, January 9, 2012

God's Hall of Honor

Several weeks ago my husband Gary had the privilege of being inducted into the
at his alma mater of St. Joe High School.
Although it had been years since his spectacular performance
on the St. Joe Junior boys basketball team,
he, along with his team-mates,
 were given the distinction of being inducted into the

When I placed his momento on the top shelf of our bookcase
beside some of the other awards he has won,
it got me thinking about God's HALL of HONOR.

The HALL of HONOR that I'm referring to is God's Hall of Fame
as mentioned in Hebrew Chapter Eleven,
probably better known as the HALL of FAITH!

Okay, I'm just going to be honest here.
When I was reading this morning from Genesis 12:11-20,
I felt rather perturbed that God would include Abraham in this list!
It made me really angry that Abraham did not even try to protect his wife.
Knowing that he did this again only a short time later,
further intensified my frustrations.

If anybody should have been inducted into this
it seemed like it should have been his wife.
According to the Apostle Peter,
Sarah put her faith in God to take care of her
when her husband did not provide that protection.

BUT then I was reminded of the Scripture that says,
we are not saved by the good acts that we have done,
but by the mercy and new birth given us by God.
God no longer saw Abraham's shortcomings.
Although Abraham died before Christ was born,
God saw him pure because of the purifying blood of Christ.
He saw Abraham's faith and honored him for it.

And then I noticed...
God did honor Sarah afterall!
She, too, was mentioned in God's Hall of Faith.

(To read any of the Scriptures mentioned, simply click on the highlighted link.)

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Michelle Chamberlin said...

I was a little confused by the behavior of Abraham before as well. But then realized that when a man marries a beautiful woman...he sometimes makes foolish decsions. We know Abraham was a valient man (the Lot incident); but was maybe a bit insecure on the wife front. Of course, Sarah never gave him any reason for such insecurity...but we are all imperfect.

Tracy said...

Hi Esther - great post, this is something I'd like to read up on. God bless

Judy said...

Hi Esther,

Nice post. Yes Sarah was mentioned in the Hall of Faith. God did not forget her. :-)

With regard to your camera: The coolpix s7000 is a point and shoot. I read the other day that the professional photographers like this camera because of the high quality of the photos it takes. They say it's a nice pocket size camera to take along when they don't feel like lugging their real equipment around.

I have a DSLR, the Nikon D5000. I have an 18-55mm wide to midrange lens; a 55-300 mm telephoto lens, and 40 mm macro. I absolutely love my camera. I also have the Nikon S3000 point and shoot, but that doesn't take good pictures compared to my DSLR. But I think you'll do well with the Nikon S7000.

Hope this helps,

LeAnn ~ My Day In The Making said...

Congrats to you hubby. I love how God takes real life and gives us insight into His Word. Love it!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

I loved what you said the point and something that I would think too. And I love that you added Sarah was also added in the hall of fame..☺ Congrats on your husband. Have a great weekend out there and wanted say I love your header picture.

Charlotte said...

Congratulations to your husband. I know you were both proud. As nice as that is it doesn't begin to compare to being in God's Hall of Faith. Thank you for this encouraging post.

Pamela said...

I love the idea of your special shelf honoring your husband.

I love how God sees past our failings to our hearts. What an honor to be in God's Hall of Faith!

Renee said...

Very interesting thoughts about Abraham and Sarah and the Hall of Faith. Congrats to your husband too.