Monday, February 20, 2012

Chicken and Dumplings

If you came here from my Rock4Today blog,
here's that quick and easy soul food recipe for Chicken and Dumplings.
   Minus the veggies on top, it's my youngest daughter's favorite!

Bring to a light boil on medium heat:
2 small cans (10 and 3/4 oz) Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup,
one cup of water,
one cup of cooked, cubed chicken,
and two cups of chicken broth.
Stir frequently to keep from scorching.

After above has come to a slow boil,
tear apart canned biscuits into pieces
 and drop them into the hot mixture,
stirring to make sure all pieces have been well immersed.
Turn the heat down between low and medium,
cook covered and no longer stirring,
letting mixture slowly return to a rolling boil.
It usually takes about 12-15 minutes until biscuits are
fluffy and fully done.

This is the part I skip for my youngest daughter.
If desired, garnish with some of your favorite stir-fried veggies.
In the photo above, I used a small package of frozen summer vegetables
which included green beans, yellow and zuchini squash, and red peppers.
I cooked them in a small saucepan with about a teaspoon of butter
before spreading a few on top for garnish.

Do you observe Lent?
Why or why not?
To read about my first lenten experience,
and nutrition for the soul,

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EG Wow said...

Sounds very good!

Charlotte said...

Sounds good. I loved the chicken and dumplings my mother used to make. Somehow mine never turned out as well as hers did. This sounds like a pretty easy recipe. Thank you for sharing it.

Mrs. Smith said...

I got to try this! I love easy recipes and I have been looking for an easy chicken and dumpling recipe! Perfect timing--thank you for posting!