Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waiting for the fog to clear...

A few days ago it was extremely foggy.
It was so foggy I could only see a faint outline
of our neighbor's house across the street.
It was a few hours before I could see
the little windmill in her back yard by the duck pond.

I was remembering that foggy morning as I read Exodus 24:12-18;
this is when God called Moses to come up on the smokey mountain.
(The smokey mountain, not The Great Smokey Mountains!)
When reading this at other times, I had never noticed
that when Moses entered the thick cloud,
he had to wait there for SIX days
before God spoke to him on the SEVENTH day!

I don't know about you,
but often I am very impatient.
I wonder if Moses was cold, or hungry,
or impatient for God to speak
as he waited, ...and waited, ...and waited.

It sounds like the Israelite people
at the foot of the mountain had more evidence
of God's presence in those SIX days than Moses did.
It says in Exodus 24:17 that the glory of the LORD
appeared to them as a raging fire on top of the mountain.

I wonder if sometimes when I feel I am
in the middle of a dark cloud,
...can't see God,
...can't feel Him,
...just waiting for Him to show up
in the midst of my cloud of challenges,
can other people around me see
that I am in His presence before I do?

But just as the sun finally started breaking
through the fog a few days ago,
God will come through and show Himself.
As He faithfully sends us rain in the spring,
He promises to always come to us
when we wait for Him!

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MommaMindy said...

Beautiful reminder, thank you, Esther Joy!

Have been in a fog for a long time, waiting by faith for the Lord to reveal Himself. You renewed my strength to wait...

Michelle Chamberlin said...

I am extremely impatient. Learning to live by "God's Time" is very hard for me. If I had been Moses I would have never gotten the commandments.

Tracy said...

Hi Esther Joy - great post. I've been reading through those chapters lately and that never occurred to me. Moses must have been a man of great patience even though those people drove him dilly. Next time I see a fog, I'll be thinking of God's presence. Thanks for linking up. I love seeing you there.
God bless

Lisa notes... said...

I can't imagine that I would have had the patience or faith to wait 2 days, and surely not 6! What a lesson right there. Thanks for finding and sharing this.

Sarah (Nikki) said...

I'm with you Esther Joy..I get much so that I have to move when I wait for God to speak to me. I usually run in the hills than stand still. But while running I do feel something inside that knows He wants to speak..and I listen. I think Moses was determined to hear and that makes the waiting easier.

Pamela said...

Oh Esther, I'm in a waiting time...just waiting. I'm encouraged today reading this. Knowing God will come as He so faithfully does.

Joyfully waiting,

Charlotte said...

Boy I know abut dense fog after living in California all those years. Some times we couldn't see the house across the street at all. One Sunday night we left our house hoping we could find the church in the fog. We ended up going back home. We absolutely couldn't see anything. When the sun finally breaks through the fog, it is a great feeling. Now we can "see." I love the analogy you used for God showing himself.
Thank you for sharing on Spiritual Sundays.

Jedidja said...

Such a beautiful reminder, I like this posting.