Sunday, April 14, 2013

Water and Woodland Wonders!

That WORDY title with all those "W's"
is especially for Jenny Matlock,
since this is "W" week for Alphabe-Thursday!

It's hard to imagine that eagles build their nest so close to a busy nature trail...

...But I'm glad they did.
I've really enjoyed watching the happenings at the nest.
This is what the little eaglet looked like a couple of weeks ago.
Can you find the little guy in the right side of the nest?

The baby has grown a lot - looks almost half the size of the parent!
Someone told me today that two babies have been seen,
but I've only been lucky enough to see one.

Before I arrived, another "eagle watcher" had seen the mate bring food to the nest.
It looked like the parent was tearing it apart for the baby eaglet.
Very soon the newly formed leaves will block much of this view.
I guess I need to look up how long most babies stay in the nest...

Earlier this weekend, my granddaughter and I enjoyed seeing this egret.

At first I wasn't sure if it was a whooping crane or an egret,but when I looked it up in the bird book, the black legs and yellow bill confirmed it to be an egret.
I love the shades of lavender reflections in the water caused by the blooming redbuds.

The ducks paid little attention as it landed near them,

...and went ahead with their fishing for food.
(Click on the picture to see the water drops from the duck's mouth!)

I love seeing the beauty God has put in nature,
whether in my local neighborhood duck pond,
or a few miles away at David's Trail near Norfork Lake.
To see other bloggers bird photography, check out Stewart's Wild Bird Wednesday!

I also love to see the different characteristics of God
that are portrayed by His Names and  His Titles.
They help me get to know Him better.
Click HERE to see which Name I have featured on Rock4Today!


Pamela said...

What a fun activity for you to share with your granddaughter. I love eagles but I've never seen a baby.

Hope you have a joy-filled week, Esther.

Jenny said...

What a wonderful activity!

You are making such lovely memories with your Granddaughter! Checking on your sweet husband.

Kaye Swain said...

Oh how lovely. I have a grandkids who are totally enthralled with eagles. I'll have to show this to them. Thank you for sharing these delightful photos!

3dlessons4life said...

Beautiful pictures!

bettyl said...

How wonderful to have such gorgeous creatures so close by! Your pictures are just great!

Stewart M said...

Hi there - nice pictures - so great to be able to see an eagle at the nest - most of my views are of birds in the air!

Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW (twice!!)

Stewart M - Melbourne.

PS: the twice line is a joke - you are not in trouble!

Sandra Tyler said...

those are amazing shots of an eagle's nest!

Scudds Harrison said...

These are lovely pictures. Yay to the eagle's nest, haven't seen a baby eagle yet!


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I have an Eagle's nest down off my hill. I have been waiting patiently for babies for a while now...

Peg said...

We often have egrets on our pond but I have never ever seen an eagle.

Sue said...

Those eagle pics are really cool.


Splendid Little Stars said...

what wonderful wonders!
Creation in all its manifestations is so amazing!
How cool that you got to see an eagle nest and a baby!

Jenny said...

Wow! I Wish I Was able to Watch all of this beautiful things in nature...

I'm glad you shared all of these photographs With us...

Wonderful job!


criticalcrass said...

you're so lucky you get to see stuff like this.