Monday, April 22, 2013

Window Wonders ...and Happiness!

Mail is scattered across my kitchen bar.
Laundry is ready to be folded.
Several more loads are ready to be washed...
And what am I doing?

For one thing, I was enjoying watching my bluebirds.
...Well, they aren't mine to possess,
...but they are building a nest in my birdhouse! Yay!

If you read my earlier post about the Nuthatches,
you'll recall that I wondered which birds were residents in the birdhouse last year,
and who might have used a snake skin for nest filler?!!!
(Click on the highlighted letters above if you wish to see that post.)

As the momma bird flew out, it was plain to see the bluebirds had moved in.

Daddy bluebird was close by, keeping watch, and helping build the nest.

I think I agree with the title "Blue Bird of Happiness" for this little bird.
Just to watch them working together,
and to see that bright flash of blue makes me happy!

What makes you happy?

The pastor of the church I have been attending is starting
a study on happiness based on the book of Philippians.
He suggested we read this little book each week in a different translation.
An easy way to do this is by reading on-line with either

Well, speaking of happiness,
it will make both me and my husband happy
if I get that laundry done,
and get the mail mess taken care of!

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Oh, yeah, did I tell you why I had such a "mail mess"?
I was looking for some lost Silver Dollar City season ticket passes.
...And I could say, happiness is finding them!

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visit Stewart's link by clicking on his name!


Nava said...

I love the Bluebirds---have one house with babies---hoping for more! Great photos!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

That's really a great photo of mama bird flying out! Birds make me happy too!!

Leovi said...

Hey pretty bird, I love this sequence of photos!


Truly...a 'delicious' photo array. Blue birds, no matter what species, is always a favorite of mine! Love the 'flight' from the birdhouse.