Sunday, December 8, 2013


It's so cold outside!

When it's this cold, God's little creatures come hungrily to my bird feeders.

They vie for the opportunity to feast on my sunflower seeds,
not caring who they run off!

This little guy got in a big hurry,

...and nearly had a tumble!

After catching himself,
he was run off by a bigger guy who had already
claimed this feeder for himself!

So he went looking for another feeder,
...But this one, too, was already occupied.

Oooops!  He definitely went for the wrong feeder this time.
This guy was a bully, and put him on the run!

As streets are being cleared,
we are being advised to stay home.
Most churches have cancelled their services for today.

The good thing is,
 Bad weather cannot stop us if we are desperate for time with God.  
We can find Him whether churches are meeting or not.
 He says in His word that He will let us find Him!

"If you look for Me wholeheartedly,
you will find Me.
I will be found by you," says the LORD.

One of the ways that I seek to know God is through His names.
You can find the results of some of my searching HERE where I paint His name on rocks!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your world looks much like mine,but we had church.Roads were good despite the frigid temperatures.I love seeing the feeder action at others feeders

Margaret Adamson said...

HI The snow looks lovely and it is great that you are assisting the birds adn animals with their daily food, Stay warm.

Stewart M said...

Friends of ours are spending their first winter in Canada - and we are getting lots of pictures like this.

I wonder when the novelty will wear off!

Nice pictures.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Jedidja said...

I love to read your blog today. Here it is dark day. My son is ill en we love it to look to the sweet eekhoorns/ squarrels. Lovely! And the red birds. Very special, Esther Joy!

Dutch xxx from me and Ralph (9)

pattisjarrett said...

It's nice to have our little buddies back, but I wish it didn't have to be so cold. Love the squirrel antics.