Sunday, December 15, 2013

Geococcyx - What on earth is that?!!!

Yesterday as I was sitting on my little perch by the window
overlooking my bird feeders and enjoying a morning cup of coffee,
I looked down and saw an unusual bird.
He blended in with all the sunflower seed hulls that were on top of the snow,
and at first I wasn't sure if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing!

He had all his feathers fluffed out,
and was much larger than any of the birds that come to my feeder.

From time to time he raised his neck straight up,
 and appeared to be looking up at my feeder.
I wondered what kind of bird he was,
and if he was wanting bird seed,
...or if he might actually be a bird of prey.

This was a lucky shot!
But it gave away his identity!

Awwwwh! A Roadrunner!
Look at the markings beside his eye!
And look at those claws!

(Click on photo to enlarge detail.  I think you'll find it worth the click!)

According to Wikipedia, Geococcyx is a genus that includes about 15 species of birds,  
among which is the Greater Roadrunner and the Lesser Roadrunner. 
 I think the one that I've captured photos of is a Greater Roadrunner.

Since I caught him under my birdfeeder, it made me wonder what he eats...
 Was he after my seeds, ...or after my birds?!!!  
I ran to my computer and "googled" him,
finding that they ate lizards, snakes, insects, mice,
and small birds!

He wasn't at all scared of me, although I opened the window
and yelled at him, banged on the window,
and then threw an old cold biscuit that was left over from breakfast at him.
With the recent snow and cold weather,
maybe he was too cold and hungry to care!

He flew up in my apple tree,
 almost blending in with the tree trunk as he stationed himself,
eyeing the birds as they began flying back to the feeders.
Can you find him in the bottom right corner?

Though it's not real clear,
here is that same picture cropped and enlarged.

So...  do I want him hanging around my bird feeders?  
Absolutely not!

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my work does not compare with some of the expert
birder photographers on Wild Bird Wednesday.
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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

He would not be welcome at my feeders if he preys on smaller birds.I do like the action shot you got.

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Esther How marvellous to have seen one even though you do not want him taking your birds. If you had not told us where tolook for him in that shot I would not have seen him. By the way, the Roadrunner is one of the Cuckoo family! Now isn't that amazing!

Jedidja said...

O Esther, thats a special one! Thanks for sharing this.

Joy said...

I think the roadrunner is sweet. It his/ her way to survive too. Sad thing though for the small birds..

EG CameraGirl said...

I don't believe I have ever seen a roadrunner except in photos and I had no idea they prey on smaller birds. Too bad about that.

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

A very interesting bird.

Dave said...

I personally think you are extremely lucky to have a marvellous creature such as this visit your feeders, the majority of the small passerine birds can look after themselves pretty well..... enjoy him while you can.