Saturday, January 17, 2015

Old-Fashioned Barn Restoration!

It was fairly early when neighbors started gathering
to help with preparations to pour a concrete floor
in the old barn that my husband has been having restored.

And they were ready when the truck delivering concrete arrived.

The gravel subfloor, plastic, and grids had been laid.

The truck backed in till the chute would reach
to the back of the barn.

It amazed me how long the chute could be made.

Then the back-breaking job of spreading the concrete began.

First raking it as smooth as possible...

Then smoothing it with a trowel.

Finally the last bit was poured...


And smoothed...

Then it was time for clean-up of the truck...

...and the boots!

Lots of hard work,
and aching backs!
But a new concrete floor in place!

One of the biggest challenges had been keeping the dogs
from making their foot prints in the fresh concrete!

And in case you're wondering...
Sarah Bella is no longer doing hair!
She's gone back to college in pursuit of another occupation!
Just couldn't throw away the sign!!!

I haven't got another rock painted yet this week,
so check back later on Rock4Today
to see my Names of God on Rocks, okay?


LeJeanna Carter said...
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LeJeanna Carter said...

Love the pictures! The barn the signs all of it! Love seeing the restoration! Thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

Lots of work, but the reward will be a beautiful barn:)
Thanks for sharing!

Margaret Adamson said...

A job well done and documented. Looks like a lovely barn.

Ruth Hiebert said...

A lot of work done and a feeling of accomplishment.

pattisjarrett said...

That's a lot of concrete to work. Good shots of the process.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

How exciting to bring that great old building back to usefulness!

Alice said...

thanks for sharing the pictures, as I missed out on it. You should have added one more....I think you made a meal for them afterward, didn't you?