Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saying Grace!

...Or "Saving Grace"?

This little squirrel looked like he was saying grace,
thanking God for the abundance of seeds
that had been scattered by the birds from my feeder!

"Saying Grace"

Could it be that when we "Say Grace" over our meals,
thanking God for His provision of food,
(and asking Him to bless it)
that "Saying Grace" actually becomes "Saving Grace"?

“But you—you serve your God
 and He’ll bless your food and your water.
 I’ll get rid of the sickness among you; 
 ...I’ll make sure you live full and complete lives."
(From The Message translation)

"The Spirit makes it clear that as time goes on,
 some are going to give up on the faith 
and chase after demonic illusions
 put forth by professional liars. 
These liars have lied so well and for so long 
that they’ve lost their capacity for truth...
 They’ll tell you not to eat this or that food—
perfectly good food God created to be eaten heartily 
and with thanksgiving by believers who know better! 
Everything God created is good, 
and to be received with thanks.
 Nothing is to be sneered at and thrown out. 
God’s Word and our prayers
 make every item in creation holy."
(This is from The Message translation)

I'm not talking here about "saving grace" that saves our souls from eternal punishment.
I'm just wondering if we've gone a bit over-board on touting health foods,
placing too much value on the healing power of the food
instead of on the God in Heaven who made the food?

This is something that I personally have done at times...
but am trying, by God's grace, to have balance and get the right perspective.

What do you think?
I'd love to hear your opinion!


Robert Collie said...

I think some are afraid that they won't get the most out of the food, or that God will be angry if neglected.
I think it is a shame that God doesn't get thanked throughout the day for anything though should be for everything. We should realize that even a thought of acknowledgment or appreciation directed His way is thanks.
I think that a short appreciative prayer at an appropriate time can be an active witness - you never know how a neighbor in a diner booth might be blessed to see or hear you give thanks. I also make a point of asking God to bless the people who prepare and serve - sincerely for their welfare.

Margaret Adamson said...

Unfortunately man has tampered with food with pesticides etc to change what it was like when God created it. Food apart from water is the thing that keeps our. Bodies alive and we have the choice of what foods we eat. We are told by experts and God what is not good for us but often ignore that. WE are what we eat. If we continue to eat wrong foods, our Heath MUST suffer. Nowadays if we can source the food that is uncontaminated food and water for your bodies and eat much more raw food, our bodies will benefit greatly. I could go on and on on this subject!