Sunday, May 3, 2015

There are babies in the house!

Not in my house...
But in the birdhouse!

I'd been seeing a flurry of activity at the old blue bird house.
My husband had cut down the dead tree to which it had been fastened.
Impatient for him to put it up in another spot,
I used bungee cords to fasten it to a near-by tree.

I thought the chickadees had moved in,
but they are such quick little things,
it was hard to catch them.
But today I was able to catch them bringing food to their babies!

They weren't too crazy about having me watch them,
and looked me over good before allowing a photo op!

Finally they seemed to accept my presence,
and flew in and out of the little house,
bringing in food and carrying out debris.

This is a rather light hearted post compared to the Grace series 
that I finished up last month...
Often God uses nature to refresh me and restore my soul.

A verse that caught my attention this morning was from Psalm 103:20 NIV,
"Praise the LORD, you His angels,
You mighty ones who do His bidding,
Who obey His Word."

What God seemed to be saying to me through that verse,
is that when I speak God's Words in prayer,
He may unleash angels to accomplish answers to those prayers!

Now that's an awesome thought!
Unseen wings with the answer on the way!

Thanks for stopping by!
Rock4Today has been a little sluggish lately,
but should have a new name of God on a rock soon!


Ruth Hiebert said...

AWWWW! Having babies around is very special,even the feathered kind.

Esther Joy said...

Yes, ...Thanks, Ruth!