Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alumni... Alumnus... Alumna???

According to a popular education site on line:
"We used to have “alumnus” (male singular), “alumni” (male plural), 
“alumna” (female singular) and “alumnae” (female plural)...
Many avoid the whole problem by resorting to the informal abbreviation “alum.”

Well, anyway, I am a graduate from Prairie College,
formerly known as Prairie Bible Institute.

On a recent visit my husband and I were privileged to be given a tour
by Director of Student Development Shannon Weiss.
Old Prairie grads that have not been back to visit for awhile
might enjoy taking the "virtual tour" as seen
through the lens of my camera!

This impressive building
 (which is named after founder L.E. Maxwell)
 immediately caught my eye.

And that is where we met our "Tour Guide".

Many changes had taken place
 with the passing of time
since I was a student.

It was a pleasant surprise to find some things much the same. the dining hall.
 Although it had a new name...

...Inside it looked very familiar...
...Like this verse that remains over
the kitchen doors.

Inside the kitchen
memories swirled in my mind.
I could almost imagine Mr. Geiger
with his white apron,
standing beside one of those large kettles.
stirring up
some of the delicious soups he used to make!

I missed the tabernacle...
Age and deterioration
had forced its retirement and demolition.
But here in the little chapel
I felt a sense of peace,
a place where students could come
and quietly spend time with God.
The stained glass windows added to the atmosphere.

The old dormitories that I used to live in were gone.
How fitting for the new buildings to be named
after two ladies who gave their lives to
teaching music and Bible!

But wait!
Look at the building on  the right...
Could that be the old gymnasium
where I spent countless hours
as a gym teacher?
(Two years as a student teacher,
and one year on staff.)

Yes, I recognize this place!
Many memories... exercise classes... friendships..
intense volleyball games... basketball games...
and sore muscles!!!

Now a profitable thrift store!

The old motto was still there!

Do you recognize this building?

...Or how about this one?
Could that be the old music building?
Or was it "A" Domitory,
where I stayed the year I was on staff?

Programs have changed so much since my graduation!
The addition of flight school and nursing are two of the major changes I noted.
As stated on Prairie's website,
Prairie is a leading Canadian Christian post-secondary institution
 that integrates applied education, biblical literacy & spiritual formation
 in order to equip students to help address
some of the world’s greatest needs."

I bet you were wondering how many years have gone by 
since I attended this school..
It's been 48 years!
I'm happy to see the changes that have occurred. 
I would have loved to have been in the nursing program...
Well... I think I would have,
maybe I wasn't ready then...
My husband has been used by God to build my confidence.
It took him a few years to convince me that I could become a nurse
when I didn't think it was possible.
I had two children and a third on the way when I graduated
from nursing school here in Arkansas!
As it says in Ecclesiastes
God brings about beautiful things in His time!

Do you have unfulfilled goals?
It's never too late to see what God can do!

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Jedidja said...

Esther Joy that must be great to walk there and see all the things. Love the windows!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Oh how wonderful that you were able to step back in time and visit this place.

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Nice memories for you!
Thanks for linking upa t

Esther Joy said...

Thank you for hosting the blog link up!