Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Getting Gruff on Graffiti!

The big granite rock had been defaced!
It changed the climate of my childhood beach!

The "Big Rock" was a well-known and well-loved fixture - 
not only to our family,
 but also to the entire small Canadian community who still live near here.
It was large enough to block the chilly wind that came off the lake,
and to give shelter when hovering around campfires
while roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

The Canadian lake water was often extremely cold, so after a swim,
 if we didn't have a fire to chase away the chill bumps off our bodies,
 we could climb on the rock to soak up some of its stored up warmth from the sun.

So, recalling these pleasant childhood memories,
it was distressing on our recent visit to find graffiti painted on the rock.
My younger sister suggested a plan for removing it.
Her husband bought us some "Graffiti Remover".
Taking her grandchildren with us,
we went to work!

Her granddaughter tackled the smaller rock.

Her grandson was our "water boy",
bringing us the necessary liquid to do our cleaning.

Little by little we could see our progress.

Breaks were needed for a little skipping of rocks...

...or demonstrating the skill of underwater handstands.

It was hard to keep flip-flops on while doing the stunts!

Back to work...

Great job!
And the kids were ready to head back to Grandma's house!

Maybe we didn't get all the graffiti off,
but we made good memories,
and the partial restoration of the lake scene was worth the hard work!

Thinking about that big rock, reminds me of another ROCK
and a song:
"On Christ the Solid Rock I stand...
All other ground is sinking sand..."

Speaking of  ROCKS,
have you checked out my most recent Rock4Today
which features the Names of God on Rocks?
(Click on the highlighted link above to take you there.)


NC Sue said...

Great shots!
Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/08/purple-passion.html

Jedidja said...

Esther Joy! Very nice. I love your story about this rock. And to the chidren: well done and greetings from Europe :-)

Raquel Jiménez Lastras said...

Un gran trabajo restaurar la roca que unos vándalos estropearon..

Ruth Hiebert said...

I can't understand why people think that they must put their mark on things like that rock or other places.It is admirable that you and your family chose to remove it.

Susan Anderson said...

Good for you, not only making a difference, but teaching the children to do the same!