Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"Euphoric Recall"

My good friend Tricia not only has a blog about her expeditions,
she is also a registered dietitian who
 introduced me to First Place 4 Health.
These are Bible studies that help to create balance in the four core areas of life---
emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical.

The Bible Study I am currently doing is entitled
"The Power of Hope",
and it spoke volumes to me this morning!

The Reflection and Application portion of Week 6,
about "Faith Ensures Hope" used the term
"Euphoric Recall"
to describe "a selective memory process that allows
recovering addicts to recall how good they felt when they were using their drug of choice - but somehow forget how foolishly they behaved and the dire consequences of their behavior."
The author went on to describe that "remembering how good the high felt in the absence of recalling painful consequences" kept many addicts from realizing the depth of their addiction.
"Euphoric Recall" limited their ability to admit their powerlessness,
and kept them from depending on God to deliver them.

THEN came the blow!
This totally is how it is with many of us that have food issues!
In wanting the instant gratification of mouth-watering food,
we often give in to the "Euphoric Recall" of  our food memories,
and then suffer "eater's remorse" because of the consequences!

This week of Bible Study was focused on Hebrews 11,
the "Faith Chapter".
What impressed me about each of these heroes of the Faith,
was that each of them gave up something
 in order to obtain something better!
In doing this, Hebrews 11:34 says that their
"weakness was turned into strength."

Well,  I've got things to do and places to go today,
but I felt impressed to share this with you.
Here's to healthier living for all of us!
May God give us all the grace and strength to not give in to

Thanks for your visit!

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