Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Insomnia vs. Sleeplessness

What's the difference between insomnia and sleeplessness?  And what difference does it make to me?!!

When studying my Sunday School lesson a few weeks ago, I came across 2 Corinthians 6:5 where Paul talks about all the troubles, hardships, and calamaties that he went through as a servant of Jesus.  I was rather surprised to find the word "sleeplessness" listed along with being beaten, put in prison, facing angry mobs, working to the point of exhaustion, and being hungry.

Since the word "sleeplessness" seemed to stick out to me, I did a little study on it.  Was  there a difference between insomnia and sleeplessness?  According to Webster, insomnia seems to be an abnormal inability to obtain adequate sleep, and sleeplessness is more that we are afforded no sleep.

Thinking back, I can distinguish between the times that I lay awake unable to sleep, and the times that  I didn't get enough sleep because of unceasing activity and the interruptions of life.  Sometimes it might be a combination of both, that I would lay awake unable to sleep because of all that had gone on that day.  I'd lay awake rehearsing everything, wishing I could just sleep.

This morning my sleeplessness was because it seems that "rising up a long while before daylight" is the only way I can get something done without being interupted.  Jesus did that to pray and prepare Himself for the day  (Mark 1:35). 

L.E. Maxwell,  my Bible college professor, continually repeated the phrase "The hardest thing in life is to KEEP BALANCED."  That's where I'm at again on this issue.  How much sleep do I need?  When do I need to give up sleep in order to spend time with God or to accomplish the things that He wants me to do? 

Well, I think I'll go back to bed beside my husband and catch a few more zzz's before it's time to fix my grandson some breakfast and get him off to school....


Alice said...

hoping you were able to get a little more sleep after writing out these precious thoughts on sleeplessness. Jetlag could also be the cause over here, but thank you, Jesus, even that is minimal. I've been thinking a lot about "Keep balanced" on various issues, and see more and more the wisdom of Bro. Maxwell with that phrase, too. Love you, sis...

Crystal said...

Also quoted by someone from your past, "Consistency, thou art a jewel!" I haven't quite found balance or consistency yet...but am still striving. I think it's an everyday thing. Have a great day! 143!