Thursday, April 7, 2011

The "spit" of God!

Several times I've contemplated writing something of the power of the "spit of God" but usually fall back in fear and trepedation that it will be taken as totally irreverent!  However, the thought persists again, so here we go...

Did you watch the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?"  Several times in it there were instances of people spitting on other people, and it was meant to be a token of good luck.  I'm not sure how you feel about spit.  As a registered nurse working in PACU, if I got someone's spit on me, I found it rather repulsive and would clean it off as quickly as possible. 

Not long ago I was reading from Mark chapter 8 in the Bible where Jesus said to the disciples "Do you still not see or understand?   ...Do you have eyes but fail to see?" 

What were they failing to see?   Jesus' disciples had just seen him feed the 5,000 from five loaves and two fishes and had 12 basketfuls of food left over.  Then again they saw him feed the 4,000 from seven loaves with seven basketfuls left over.  Whatever He was trying to teach them, they seemed to be unable to understand, so He gave them an interesting object lesson.

The object lesson involved a man that was blind.  I love the part where it says "He took the blind man by the hand and led him."  But then the next part seems just as significant - He spit on the man's eyes. 

I think it's interesting that the man did not experience total healing immediately.  First Jesus took him by the hand and led him.  Then He spit on his eyes.  Then He asked him, "Do you see anything?"  The man could not see clearly at first, but his vision gradually cleared.

It was shortly after the healing of the blind man that Peter made his bold confession that Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah, the Holy Son of God.  I'm not sure, but I think this must have been what Jesus was driving at when earlier he asked the disciples, "Do you still not see or understand?   ...Do you have eyes but fail to see?"

There are more "spit" instances recorded in the Bible where Jesus used spit to bring about healing - i.e. Mark 7:31-38 where he spit and touched the tongue of the deaf and mute man bringing healing to him, and John 9 when he spit on the ground making mud from the saliva and applied it to a blind beggar's eyes.

Hmmmm.  Spit?   Healing power?  Well, if it's the "spit of God,"  ...Yes!  Come to think of it, my achy joints could use an anointing of the holy spit of Jesus right now.   And I would be happy for gradual or instantaneous relief!


Sherry said...

not something most people think about. The spit of Christ, but it is a good lesson. I think there is more people than few that need the spit of Christ. It makes me wonder how many people would be honored to have Christ spit on them. I gurantee the blind and the dumb person was honored. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

MTJ said...

Hi Esther Joy,

I admit that although I've read the verses you cite, I've never personalized them to my own condition. I feel much like Peter must have felt when Jesus told him, "If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me." (John 13:8, NASB)

Whatever method Jesus chooses to use to bless me is fine by me.

Blessings and peace.


Charlotte said...

I always disliked people spitting, it seemed gross to me. I never thought about God spitting before, but your right, He did. He could have healed people any way He chose. It is interesting that He chose spit, and knowing God I'm sure He had a good reason...He always does. But like His disciples, I don't always understand either.

Charlotte said...

I've heard that spit has healing enzymes in it. And that it is also good for taking out stains before washing clothes. Maybe we're overlooking something here. Of course spit from the son of God is not like any other. Thank you for sharing this interesting post.

Renee said...

This is the second time today I have read this scripture....and the story of the blind man and Jesus spit. Think I will sit up and take notice. A mother often takes her own spit to wipe her child's face....Jesus' own spit would be just as loving and more!

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

God can spit on me anytime he wants! Like you though I wouldn't want anyone else to do so.

The Soul's Remedy said...

Very good lesson. Renee made a good point regarding a mother's spit. we all agree spitting on some is a nasty disgusting thing to do. but could it be the love what makes the spit 'clean' or better? we would accept mom's and God's spit but not a stranger. hmmm. God's love and healing power can work through everything! AMEN!!!

Connie Arnold said...

Interesting thought. I would be repelled if someone spit on me, but not if Jesus did. I like your idea about your joints needing the holy spit of Jesus!

Esther Joy said...

I am loving all the comments - am being blessed and learning from them! MTJ's comment about Peter "If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me," and I love the analogy of the mother's spit cleaning! I never thought about healing enzymes being in spit, but animals do lick their wounds... Thank you for your input!

sarah said...

I' echo what Ginger. And I 'm glad you followed your heart and posted this

Pamela said...

Interesting thought. God can always take something we would consider gross and it beautiful. "He made something beautiful, of my life."

Thanking God,

MommaMindy said...

I was thinking about this passage in the past year, marveling that He would use spit.

Years back when a preacher was going through this passage, my then 4-year old said very loudly, "EEWWWW! He used spit? That's gross!"