Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little Wonders

This Momma Wren has been fussing at me for weeks.
Then I found the reason why:

She had a nest in my aloe vera plant.
I found it when I was watering my plants,
and was afraid that I might run her off.

She didn't give up! 
I watched as she carried tiny bits and pieces of moss,
and found that she made a cave-like nest.

The babies hatched, and are now nearly ready to leave the nest.
Today was extremely hot, with a record setting temperature of 112*F.
While the momma wren was gone looking for food,
I took a look at her babies and grabbed this picture.
There were three of them nestled together.
I hope they survive the heat!

Watching these little wonders reminded me of a Bible verse:
"Look at the birds of the air,
for they neither sow nor reap
nor gather into barns;
yet your Heavenly Father feeds them.


Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Thank you for visiting and enjoying my painting.

I'm your new follower and I hope that you will follow me back.

Have a great day!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

what a great honor to have her having her babies in your plant..where you can watch and see life being born..... said...

So precious! Thank-you for sharing the glory of God that is all around us if we only see it!


love, kelee

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

The Lord she did create some wonderful little creatures.
God Bless,

char72 said...

What a precious post. Birds are some of my favorite of God's creatures. We had a hummingbird make a nest one year on top of a wind chime hanging on our patio. It was such fun to watch the baby birds sitting in that little nest.
Thank you for sharing.

Jedidja said...


Pamela said...

I always think of the verse you used when I see birds. I think God used such a helpless thing to prove how very closely He watches and cares for us. Awesome pictures.

Marja said...

My favorite word in the Bible is joy, and your name is joy?! How cool is that!

Jenny said...

What a neat post. I love where she laid her eggs. I bet it is cooler in there, too, with those thick gel-filled leaves!