Monday, September 3, 2012

Peach Thief!

My grandson caught this little squirrel "red-handed".

Last year I caught them stealing my apples!

But I didn't realize they liked peaches, too!
(Photos by Alex)

This sneaky little squirrel reminds me
of the things in life that try to steal our joy!
But in the book of John Jesus said,
"I am come that you might have life,
and that you might have it more abundantly."
I am thankful that no one can steal away from us the life that Jesus gives!

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God's names FOR ME to be featured on Joy4Today!
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Jedidja said...

O, I like your pictures today! Eating peaches ... never seen!

Annmarie Pipa said...

fun photos! they eat a lot more than peaches!!

Deborah said...

Great pictures here, too, Esther! Coming by from your other site. I sure hope that little guy didn't get ALL of your peaches ... you can say one thing for sure ... at least he's got good 'taste'!! A great object lesson here, as well!! I'm so thankful that what Jesus gives us, can never be taken away! You have a blessed week! :)

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Ah such a sweet photo ~ (A Creative Harbor)

EG CameraGirl said...

Ha! I think squirrels will eat just about anything. :)

lissa said...

I would let him have the peach. he's cute.

thanks for sharing these pics.have a great day.

edenhills said...

So cute. I had squirrels eating my peaches last year. I haven't seen many around the yard this year though. I always think they are so cute!

Karen S. said...

How adorable, Let them eat cake! Ha! ha! I mean please let them have a peach! Great photos too!

anitamombanita said...

Cute...except that I don't like squirrels...they're just rats with bushy tales... I know, that sounds mean. It's just that I've had experience with how destructive they can be. :(

Leovi said...

Delicious photos, beautiful squirrel. Greetings.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Oh I'd love to see a squirrel eating peaches or apples! But, alas, no fruit trees around -- they have to make do with acorns!

Debra said...

LOL How CUTE IS THAT!!! love it!

Sorry you probably wanted to keep that peach for yourself but I enjoyed watching your squirrel get it.

What great captures / great photos!!

Sue said...

Sorry to say that I agree with Anita. Rats with bushy tails. I used to love them until they caused so much destruction to my home.

Now I am not a fan.

But I did like your analogy!


Emille said...

Your pics are humorous! Yes, they dragged a sippy cup with milk from my grandson away!

Mumsy said...

The peach looks so much bigger than the squirrel, and squirrel eats anything and everything, including flower bulbs.

Nice catch!

Anni said...

...aren't they fun to watch!!?

Gotta love their antics, and these two photo of catching it 'red handed' is a perfect specimen of how we need to compete with them....they steal our pecans!!! LOL

Pamela said...

This made me laugh! Awesome photographer there. Sneaky little man. Comcast had a picture this morning of a squirrel drinking from a martini glass!

Pamela said...

This made me laugh! Awesome photographer there. Sneaky little man. Comcast had a picture this morning of a squirrel drinking from a martini glass!

Ames said...

I've got one of those, only she is eating all my pink Hibiscus flowers. And she had mad a nest in our Magnolia tree and swears at me every time I walk by. Little stinkers!

Jenny said...

What a joy this post was.

I'm sorry you have a thief in your peaches. They are pretty wonderful, though.

I might be tempted to nab one or two myself!

Thanks for linking!

Happy Wednesday!