Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rain! ...and ouR RuRal FaiR

After the dRought this summer,
the fiRst soaky Rain was such a blessing!
It felt so good!
It smelled so clean.
 I was SO thankful;
I didn't cancel my morning walk
and didn't mind getting wet!
What a blessing to see those splashes on my sundeck!
Living in a RURAL setting
is another thing I am thankful for! 
The County FaiR takes place each yeaR in mid SeptembeR,
and along with it, of couRse,
the FaiR PaRade.
ChildRen scRambled for candy
 that was tossed from vaRious floats.
Our "Bomb Squad" Robotics team proudly displayed their Robot
that had won them first place in WoRld Competition earlieR this yeaR.
The colorful flag twiRlers weRe followed by our high school band.
...And of couRse, a paRade wouldn't be complete
without the beautiful smiles of our cheeRleaders,
The usual Rides,
along with the sweet smells of caRnival food,
added to the attRactions.
In the exhibition building, this decoRated lunch box caught my eye,
...along with this unusual watermelon entRy.
...And as usual,
it Rained, and Rained during FaiR week!
We needed the Rain so badly, though,
that I didn't heaR a lot of gRiping!

I love the picture of God that Jeremiah portrays in this verse:
When he thunders, the waters in the heavens roar;
He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth.
He sends lightning with the rain
and brings out the wind from his storehouses.
Jeremiah 51:16

All R's capitalized for Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-ThuRsday!
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Linda Makiej said...

what a wonderful wordless wednesday post!!

NC Sue said...

Thank you for visiting Wordless Wednesday at http://acts17verse28.blogspot.com/. I appreciate you stopping by and sharing what you’ve been shooting! And please visit this week’s Observing Beauty linky, too – it’s up and running!
I hope to see you again soon.
Have a great week,

Jedidja said...

Is your rain also so cold as ice? Here it is. I love your pics. Thanks.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Rain is such a blessing, especially after such a dry summer. But, what I wouldn't give if the rain was a torrential storm like what we experienced earlier in the week. A nice steady rain would be more beneficial I would think. I loved the way you pulled your "R" post together with the pictures and wording. Great job!

lissa said...

I'm always glad when it rain in places where it needed most.

have a great day.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Loved how you captured the rain dancing on your railing♫♪ Happy Thoughts♥

storybeader said...

the day of the parade looks nice. Our museum has a segway - like the one that girl is riding with the Robotics Float. They're fun! The kids - and adults - love it! Great photos!

Nancy Claeys said...

Love those rural celebrations -- always fun and unique in their own special way.


Claudia Willison said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. To me, being from Germany and now living in NJ, they could as well be from 'another world' that I would like to see someday ;) Beautiful.

Saying 'hello' from my Riesling / Alphabe- Thursday @ ImagesByCW

Jenny said...

I love how refreshing rain is.

We don't get a lot here, so I always really appreciate it.

The watermelon in the bottle was quite fun! I'd like to try that someday!

Thanks for linking up to the letter "R".