Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Robot Unveiled!

Last night we had the privilege of watching our grandson
and his colleagues as they unveiled the new robot
for this year's competition.

Although I posted a few pictures last night on Facebook,
I didn't want to post anything that would give away
any of their plans until the one o'clock a.m. deadline for submissions had passed!

As a grandparent, I was proud of my grandson's part
in developing and perfecting this new robot.

Of course, these projects would never become reality
without the wonderful coaching of their mentors!
Rose bouquets were given to these special people
to show their appreciation.

A mentor assists in preparing for a demonstration.

Frisbees are loaded into the robot...

...and projected toward the basketball goal.

The robot was more difficult to maneuver on the slick basketball court
than on the usual carpet flooring.

Many parents squeezed into the smaller robotics room
to watch or record as the robot climbed a tower in further demonstration.

I was amazed at the performance!

We are all so proud of our robotics team!
Thank you, mentors, for all your hard work!
After capturing "World Champions" last year,
the pressure is on to excel again!

Time for a break after the demonstration...
The cookies couldn't wait for the chili to arrive...

But cookies didn't seem to spoil appetites,
and Wendy's chili went over well.

Relaxing around the tables,
some shared conversation...
Others shared earbuds and iphones!

Go Baxter Bomb Squad!
We are so proud of you!


Leovi said...

Yes, an impressive work, very interesting this robot.


How exciting is this? I just know how proud you are. very interesting, AND impressive.

Oh, and love the eagle post you have shared below this.

EG CameraGirl said...

You have good reasons to feel proud! What a wonderful experience your grandson has had and I hope their robot does well in the competition!