Monday, July 29, 2013

The Geysers of Yellowstone

On this post, come along with me as I reminisce about our recent trip to 
Yellowstone National Park!
I hope you enjoy a few photos of the geyser areas in the park.

"There's one!" my daughter excitedly points out.

We stand with others, waiting and watching for it to go off.
Just as we are giving up and going back up the walk way,
it becomes active again.
We grab our cameras and click away!

We chased down many steam puffs,
stopping at nearly every pull away where we saw them.

Some were rather distant,
...while some were close enough that we had to protect
our cameras from the spray of the water.

This place was incredibly beautiful.
Although there was no geyser,
the water and the reflections were awesome.
It was called the Grand Prismatic Spring.

From there we went on to see the most famous geyser,
and waited impatiently for "Old Faithful" to show her stuff.

Thousands lined the boardwalk watching and waiting with us.

This little chipmunk was right in front of us,
and appeared to be standing on tip-toes,
waiting for the show, also!

And of course,
Old Faithful did not disappoint us!
Although literature stated she is not as predictable as she once was,
and that she does not always rise to the heights that she once did,
she was still magnificent!

Did you notice that dark cloud in the corner of the photo?
Well, just as Old Faithful was settling down,
rain began to pelt us,
...And then, not only rain, but a hail storm!
What a grand finale!
I identified with a little boy I had heard shout out
after watching 
lightning light up the sky
 following a fireworks display, 

"Good show, Jesus!"
Truly, it was a great show,
and the hailstorm finale made us smile!

Like me, everyone was scrambling to protect their cameras,
and running for shelter.
Otherwise I would have a shot of that hailstorm on here as well!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!
Catch me again on Rock4Today where I'll have another
post featuring the Names of God on Rocks!

Thanks for your visit!


Alice said...

loved the tour and pictures, and descriptions....almost as good as being there.

Linda Sears said...

wonderful! thank you for sharing the show!

NC Sue said...

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