Monday, July 15, 2013

Waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park

One of the things I greatly enjoyed on our recent trip
 to Yellowstone National Park was the waterfalls.

Although there were quite a few falls,
in the rest of this post I'm going to feature the largest one we saw.
It involved a little hiking to get to the top of the falls.

The trail was quite steep,
zig-zagging back and forth,
with bench "rest stops" for those of us who needed them.

Going down wasn't so bad;
it was the uphill climb going back that was more challenging!

This was looking down on the top of the falls.

The view was quite amazing,
and the roaring sound of the rushing water
was so loud that it was hard to carry on a conversation.

Mist boiled up from the thunderous downpour...

...creating a rainbow at times.
Can you spot it?

The grandeur of the falls brought to mind a song that my momma loved.
George Beverly Shea made it very popular on Billy Graham's Hour of Decision program.
You've probably already guessed it, haven't you?
It's the song "How Great Thou Art".

Here's a little later rendition of that song:

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