Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's Eagle Awareness Time!

In our area this was "Eagle Awareness Weekend".

This afternoon Gary and I headed to David's Trail to check on the eagle's nest.

Last year I did a few "eagle posts" from photos taken there.

(My first eagle post can be viewed HERE, and has a view of the eagle's nest.)

...But although the nest was still in tact, we didn't spot any eagles around it.

Earlier this weekend I did spot two bald eagles in Searcy County.
One was flying too high to capture on camera.
The other one was spotted while we were driving near the Buffalo National River,
but I couldn't get my camera out quickly enough to capture it!

I'm not sure when the eagles start nesting.
I think it was in March last year when I first spotted some babies in the nest,
so they must start sometime soon!
(To see that post, click HERE.

I love the picture God gives of Himself in Exodus 19:4,
when He says "I carried you on eagle's wings, and brought you to Myself".
I know several of us that have had to be carried by God this last week!
How about you?

For my Names of God on Rocks post this week, click HERE.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You may not have seen eagles,but these pictures are gorgeous. I love the sunlight streaming through the trees. Yes,I have had many times when the only way I could survive was to be carried by God.

Joy said...

Eagles! Wonderful creation of God.
He said that he will renew our strength like eagles:)

Pearl Maple said...

Eagles are a beautiful sight, such majestic animals, good luck on your spotting

Splendid Little Stars said...

I think always being carried is more the truth of it.
I hope the eagles are OK.