Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kindred Spirits

A Tribute to a Special Friend

Ms. Rose and Me this weekend
Ms. Rose came into my life several years after the death of my Mother.
More of a friend than a mother-substitute,
she was witty, encouraging, spunky, and so very full of life.

I met Ms. Rose while caring for her husband.
Capable, caring, adept, quick to learn -
she soon assumed the dressing changes of her husband's wounds.
Although she'd had no formal nursing training, it came natural to her.

Not afraid to take on challenges, Ms. Rose was no shirker.
After the 2009 ice storm, although in her 90's, she could still wield a chainsaw,
and cleaned up much of the fallen limbs herself!

Rose and Hal

Rose's husband, Hal, had been in the entertainment business.
On my nursing visits he never failed to make me smile
 and brighten my day with a funny story, no matter how badly he felt.
On his good days, he'd even have Rose get out his autoharp,
and he'd sing for me.

Soon after her husband died, Rose moved out of state to be near family.  
I have missed her, and think of her every time I drive by her road.
What a beautiful surprise to have a visit from her this weekend!

She is still very independent at the age of 96,
but is blessed to have loving family check on her every day.
If I live to be as old as Ms. Rose,
I hope I am as fully alive as she is!
More than a kindred spirit,
she is a most unforgettable woman 
whose influence challenges me to be my best!

(Shared by permission of Ms. Rose)

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

She is an inspiration to all of us.

Ms POSH said...

Having people like Rose in your life can be very inspiring.
Have a great Wednesday!


Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

What a wonderful woman -- she certainly looks years younger than her age! Probably because of such things as wielding that chainsaw!

Splendid Little Stars said...

very inspiring post! How blessed you are to have a Ms Rose in your life even if she is now far away.
She looks young and spry!

fredamans said...

She does not look 96!! Good for her for being so independent at her age.

Leovi said...

Nice tribute, funny!

storybeader said...

wow! She doesn't look near the age of 90. Sounds like a wonderful lady! {:-Deb

jeannettestgermain said...

Agree with storybeader - and I hope I keep my spunk when I get older!

EG CameraGirl said...

Mrs. Rose sounds like a fantastic lady! How special that you have gotten to know and love her.

Sue said...

She sounds like an amazing woman. How fortunate you are to know her, and I'm glad you shared her with us.


Jenny said...

It is rare to find a woman like Ms. Rose... I am glad to see you keep the value of her friendship close to your heart!

Thanks for linking to the letter "K".