Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flowers from my Garden

Well, I promised a look at the flowers I've been growing this summer...

I'm not sure of the name of this one,
but I think it's a pink peace lily.

This is a New Guinea Impatience that my daughters got for my birthday.
The flowers are so brilliantly pink!

I love the purple cone flower.

For the shady spot under my peach tree,
it's hard to beat regular impatience.

This spider wort keeps sneaking in among my daisies.

This is actually celery stalks going to seed!

I think this is a pumpkin of some sort.
I grew it from seeds collected from our harvest display last fall.

Blossoms from my Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans!


Why did I put this one in?!!!
Because I've been having a fight with the moles this year.
I've tried many ways of getting rid of them,
even flooding their tunnels with the water hose!
Do you have any suggestions?
If so, please leave me a comment!

This is one of my favorites...
the "Star Gazer" lily...
The fragrance it gives off is so beautifully strong
that it is almost overwhelming!

I thought this lily was a star-gazer,
it smelled just like one,
but I didn't remember planting bulbs that matched this description.
When I looked it up, I found it was called a
"Snow Princess Stargazer".

I think King Solomon must have liked lilies,
When he decorated the temple, he had lilies engraved into the pillars.
Also in the Song of Solomon, he compares his beloved to a 
lily among the thorns and speaks frequently about gardens.
It seems that much of his wisdom had to do with plants and gardening!

God also must like gardens,
because that's where He first "planted" man!

To me, gardening is relaxing,
and makes me feel close to God
as I work with Him in getting plants to grow and enjoy their beauty.

I put together a little "Lily Album" on my FaceBook page.
Click HERE if you'd like to see it.  
Just click on each photo to move through the album.

Thanks for dropping by!
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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful set of pictures.

Esther Joy said...

Thank you, Ruth!

Deb Crawford said...

Beautiful pictures!