Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spearfish Canyon in the Black Hills

Last week with a little time to spare before a wedding ceremony in the Black Hills,my husband and I took a short trip to nearby Spearfish Canyon.

Bridal Veil Falls was just one of several waterfalls we visited.

Little bridge pathways,

...picnic tables nestled in shady spots,

...easy access to the falls with railed pathways,

and gorgeous scenery were all present.

What a great prelude to a wonderful day!

My husband and I both love waterfalls.

The sound of running water is music to our ears.

The Book of Revelation in the Holy Scriptures tells of the
"River of Life",
which flows from the very throne of God.
To read about it, click HERE.
To find out how you can see that RIVER OF LIFE yourself,
click HERE to hear it explained by Billy Graham.

Thanks for your visit.
I hope you enjoyed coming along with me to beautiful Spearfish Canyon!
I look forward to meeting you someday as we view the River of Life!

And HERE is where you'll see my latest Rock featuring the Names of God on Rocks.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful scenes.

NC Sue said...

Waterfalls are, indeed, beautiful - unfortunately, there are none near us here.
Thank you for sharing your photos at the new home for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) at I hope to see you each week!

Jenny said...

Hey! This is definitely some beautiful scenery.

But I hope everything is okay with you Miss Joy.

Thinking of you!

Margaret Adamson said...

Beautiful place to go for a walk. Love the waterfall. Hava blessed Easter.

Joy said...

Definitely a place worth visiting.
Thanks for the links:)